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Bodymindwork is a unique Executive Coaching Practice supporting leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals in developing more authority in life through the intelligence of both mind and body.


Personal development is key in the transition within work and life. In Bodymindwork journeys, we explore your character types and reinforce the alignment of the mind, heart and intuition. We seek to balance the different roles you have in your business and personal lives and make you connect with your embodied potential. We help you develop the ability to set clear goals and move forward successfully.

Embody your full potential and increase your positive impact on your business and life in a rapidly changing world.
“Words and concepts are not enough. The language of the body, is the fastest way to sustainable personal growth.”

Bodymindwork uses the best methods of both mind-based coaching and bodywork practices to release blockages and change patterns that no longer serve you.


A journey in changing behaviours and mental patterns in a profound and sustainable way works in four steps:

1- Exploration of character types and the intelligence of mind and body

2- Energy regulation work (learning to regulate your energy according to your character type)

3- Rebalancing your roles in business and life

4- Connecting with your purpose so as to service the needs of contemporary society


A journey results in more personal authority, independent personal behaviour driven by creativity, and connection with yourself, others and your organisation. Your creative energy can freely emerge in alignment with your heartfelt purpose.

You should consider Bodymindwork if:

You experience energy drains and have the impression of losing impact

You feel the pressure of an over-demanding environment

You know what to do, but you do not make a decision

You have the tendency to avoid conflict

You feel misaligned with your key stakeholders

Your body gives signs that something has to change (back pain, hyperventilation, lack of concentration, tiredness), but you do not know what has to happen or how to make the change

Bodymindwork Fundamentals - A Two-day Introductory Workshop
Embodied Leadership Scan

An intensive introduction to bodymindwork to gain impact within your business and life.

You will explore your character and how your body has somatic markers that directly influence your behaviour.

Executive Coaching Program (12 months)

This life-changing individual coaching program takes you on an intensive journey that explores embodied leadership, character types, roles in business and life, and your heartfelt purpose.

Marjorie Lambeaux
Marjorie Lambeaux, Managing Director of Axis Group
"Bodymindwork supported me and my management team to take an in-depth look at new perspectives on collaboration, other ways of connecting and looking at challenges. Ann’s style is all about deep listening, taking things from a higher perspective, with a critical but constructive way of conducting the coaching journey. We now have a trusting and empowered team, more future proof than ever."
Ann Noppen

Anna Noppen is an Executive Coach, Change Facilitator and Bodymind Psychotherapist. As Founder of Bodymindwork, and Organizational Coach at Agile Maker, she is an expert in embodied learning and conducts individual and organisational transformation journeys.


She has over 25 years of experience in Executive coaching, Team coaching and Cultural Change in both the profit and non-profit sectors. Ann has a background in Business Administration, Human Resources Management and Social Work.


In the last 10 years she has been exploring how practices such as movement, bioenergetics, bodywork, breathing, energetic integration and theatre therapy can support individual and organisational transformation.


Her mental, emotional and sensing compass is based on authenticity, clarity, sustainability and love.


Certifications: Character Intelligence Survey, VIP2A Pro Neuroscience, Bodymind Therapy, Gestalt Based Team Dynamics, Theme Centric Interaction, Birkman, MBTI, Theatre Therapy.


Languages: Dutch, French and English